Azerbaijan increased production of associated gas

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In January-September 2022, associated gas production in Azerbaijan amounted to 11 billion 534.63 mcm,  by 5.7% higher than  over  nine months of 2021

Of the total produced associated gas, only 3 billion 257.36 mcm (an increase of 3.2%) was transferred to the share of commercial gas. The remaining volumes were injected into oil wells to maintain reservoir pressure, .

During the reporting period, the share of associated gas in the total volume of gas production in Azerbaijan amounted to 33.5%, the rest – 22 billion 867.95 thousand cubic meters or 66.5% – fell on natural gas (an increase of 16.9%).

It should be noted that in 2021, the production of associated gas in Azerbaijan amounted to 15 billion 65.6 mcm (an increase of 13.9%), natural gas – 28 billion 797.9 thousand cubic meters (an increase of 20.5%). The main volume of associated gas production falls on the oil block of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli fields (only about 25% is marketable gas, the rest is pumped into oil wells).

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