SOCAR establishes position of “Chief Geologist”

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The position of “chief geologist” was established for the first time in the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), which was set up in September 1992.

This position appeared as a result of the approval of the new structure of SOCAR by the head of state.

By the decree of the President of Azerbaijan dated January 23, 2021, the head of state instructed the Azerbaijan Investment Holding – AIH (on November 5, 2020, SOCAR was transferred under the management of AIH in order to improve reporting, increase profitability and increase deductions to the state) within 6 months to prepare and submit a draft of a new charter and structure of the company for approval by the President of Azerbaijan.

Apparently, the solution of this issue was not simple, and the new structure of the State Oil Company was agreed upon almost a year later.

The first chief geologist of SOCAR was Arzu Sahib gizi Javadova, who had previously worked for bp-Azerbaijan for 14 years. Javadova has also been the chairman of the Society of Petroleum Geologists of Azerbaijan for the past four years, a candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, the author of two inventions and 35 scientific papers.

In 2013, by order of President Ilham Aliyev, she was awarded the “Tereggi” medal.

According to Turan, in the new structure of SOCAR, the position of the company’s chief geologist is on the same level as vice presidents. The chief geologist will be responsible for the area, which was previously supervised by the vice-president for geology and geophysics Bahram Huseynov. The latter, by order of the head of state, was relieved of his post on July 19, 2021. Since then, the position has remained vacant.

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