ERIELL Wins Uz-Kor Contract for New Works in Aral Sea

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ERIELL Group is pleased to announce it has won a tender from Uz-Kor Gas Chemical and signed a contract to work on 150 wells at the Surgil field in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, northwestern Uzbekistan. The tender involves ERIELL Group  carrying out workovers and side-tracking works at the bottom of the Aral Sea.

The project is being implemented in line with presidential decrees regarding the construction of the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex and employing gas from the Surgil field.

ERIELL Group has been cooperating with Uz-Kor Gas Chemical since 2013. In 2019, ERIELL Group was awarded a contract to oversee the overhaul of 100 wells. Works were completed ahead of contractual deadlines by the end of 2020 with the total overhaul of 113 wells.

From 2021, and as part of the new contract, an experienced workforce from ERIELL Group will carry out the multidimensional workovers using its own coiled tubing unit. 

Currently, preparatory works have begun to allow implementation of radial drilling technology – an innovation used to stimulate oil and gas wells by reaching remote parts of productive geological formations. Additional plans for using hydraulic fracturing are also being discussed. 

Overall, at the Surgil field in Karakalpakstan’s Muinak region, ERIELL Group has completed construction and commissioning of 85 wells, and an additional 184 wells were overhauled. Since September 2015, all gas from the field has been feeding the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex. The complex consists of five plants: a gas separation plant, an ethylene plant, a polyethylene plant, a polypropylene plant, and an energy supply plant.

Bakhrambek Ismailov, Head of Regional Business Unit Central Asia, ERIELL Group, said: 

“In the face of many technical and logistical challenges, we were able to complete the required works successfully and on time, with our specialists displaying high levels of expertise and commitment. I believe our dynamic and highly efficient team was instrumental in unlocking the full potential of these assets and providing feedstock for the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex.”

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