Nord Stream Stopped for Repairs until End of Month

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Both legs of the Nord Stream offshore gas pipeline stopped for two weeks (according to the schedule until the morning of July 30) for scheduled maintenance, according to the data of the gas transmission companies OPAL Gastransport and NEL Gastransport.

Regular annual maintenance is part of scheduled maintenance and is carried out for the seventh time since the start of the gas pipeline operation, the project company Nord Stream AG notes.

Annual maintenance work is a key element of the long-term strategy for managing the integrity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Mechanical components and automation systems are thoroughly tested to ensure reliable, safe and efficient operation of two gas lines during a design service life of at least 50 years.

The pipeline maintenance schedule was agreed in advance with Nord Stream AG partners on both the supplier and the consumer side, and was taken into account in gas supply applications to European partners through the Nord Stream project.

Per day, the Nord Stream pumps up to 170 million cubic meters of gas.

At the time of the shutdown of some gas pipelines, the volume of pumping through other routes increases (it is fair to expect an increase in deliveries through Ukraine), and it is possible to reduce gas injection into underground storage facilities and gas extraction from the UGS. Shutting down gas pipelines and mining fields for repairs can support gas prices in the spot market.