Austria resumes gas transit to Europe

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One of Europe’s biggest gas distribution hubs owned by the OMV company has fully resumed operations after an explosion took place at Baumgarten, Austria.

Report informs referring to the TASS, Executive Director of Gas Connect company (operator) Herald Shtindel said. He stated that the explosion can be caused by technical fault.

“We have managed to restore the work of all transit lines till the midnight yesterday and all pipes are in full operation now,” he said.

A strong explosion occurred in OMV gas distribution station near Baumgarten town yesterday morning. One person died, 21 injured as a result of explosion. Because of explosion, Baumgarten gas distribution terminal, which carries out distribution of Russia gas to Europe, suspended operation.

This is one of the three gas distribution hubs in Europe. 1/3 of the Russian gas transported to Europe is distributed from this hub.



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