Oil Production Decreased by 3.2 Million Tons at Tengiz in 2020

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At the end of 2020, the company Tengizchevroil produced 26.5 million tons of crude oil, which is approximately 35% of the total oil produced in Kazakhstan

This was announced by Kevin Lyon, the newly minted CEO of Tengizchevroil.

“Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we have maintained a high figure,” said the CEO.

He noted that due to the coronavirus, oil production has significantly decreased compared to 2019.

“Demand has fallen in the global market and this is accordingly reflected in our production activities,” added the CEO.

Note that in 2019, Tengizchevroil produced 29.7 million tons of oil.

In addition, the CEO spoke about the future expansion project and the wellhead pressure management project. According to him, the company has completed this work by 80%.

By the end of 2020, TCO remains the largest taxpayer in the country and makes the largest contribution to the country’s economy, having paid over $ 6.6 billion in various payments to the budget.

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