Kazakhstan Produced 85.7 Million Tons of Oil in 2020

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Oil production in Kazakhstan in 2020 amounted to 85.7 million tons or 101% of the planned figure, Energy Minister Nurlan Nogayev said

Nurlan Nogayev

“By the end of 2020, the volume of oil and condensate production was 101% of the plan. Oil production in the republic in 2020 was reduced from 90.5 million tons to 85.7 million tons, or 4.8%,” Nurlan Nogayev said.

He noted that the government has taken measures to limit oil production due to a decrease in the consumption of petroleum products in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

“By the end of 2020, 55.2 billion cubic meters (bcm – Ed.) of gas was produced, which was 100% to the 2020 target. Domestic consumption of commercial gas reached 17.2 bcm, 104.2% to the 2020 target. The production of liquefied petroleum gas amounted to 3.2 million tons,” the Minister of Energy said.

Separately, the Ministry of Energy spoke about the rate of production of petroleum products in the country. In 2020, 11.53 million tons of oil was processed, which was 103% to the last year’s target.

“The indicator for gasoline is 4.48 million tons, which is 102.6% to the plan of 2020. Diesel fuel was produced 4.55 million tons, to the plan of the reporting year – 102.2%. Fuel oil indicators are 2.1 million tons, to the plan of 2020 – 108.2%. The production of aviation fuel amounted to 438 thousand tons, compared to the plan of last year – 93.4%, ”Nurlan Nogayev explained.

Last year, bitumen production amounted to 1.04 million tons. As for the oil and gas chemistry, production in this area reached 359.3 thousand tons, which exceeded the planned indicators of last year and amounted to 103%, the Minister said. 

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