International company is looking for a Field Specialist 

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Position: Field Specialist

Required work experience:  7 years supervising slickline operations at a supervisory level, plus additional slickline experience as an operator.

Employee to have key accountabilites related to maintaining production in critical situations. Specifically Vyacheslav has been trained to eCutter* technologies which allow for the release of stuck tools in an oil well. This allows the client to return wells to production sooner and prevents an overall production impact.

Employee is responsible for the oversight of slickline packages deployed to the ACG region. Employee is required to deploy and maintain key production technologies utilized int he ACG region.

Diploma or degree qualified in mechanical engineering

Field Specialist :

The Field Specialist organizes, oversees and performs all kinds of jobs with assigned equipment and people, safely and efficiently. Provides Service Delivery with flawless Service Quality and no HSE incidents in accordance with company policies, standards and procedures. Hold  on  the  job  site  safety  meetings  to make sure all crew members and personnel affiliated with Company and or it operation follows the rules and regulations in the manuals. To  operate  a  Slick  line  Unit  in  a  safe productive manner. Fill out or hand out papers to be completed (SL Report, work permit, etc.).Make sure tools are properly cleaned and redressed and parts replaced if broken. Survey and make sure job site is safe and secure before going to work. Make  sure  crew  is  aware  of  potential dangers (H2S, fire, weather, etc.).Know all limits of equipment and qualifications of personnel running equipment.

Research the well files for future job. Check with production control and pad operator prior to rigging up on well to ensure it is okay to shut well in for work.After completion of Sick Line work, spot check well head and well house to ensure everything is in order and clean. Make sure all tools are redressed and returned to there proper place after use.Fill out wire and pressure test report and file them properly.

Have air packs and other safety devices in good working condition and properly inspected. Inform mechanic if any equipment needs attention and fill out a equipment repair form.


Installing and retrieving sub- surface safety valve. Removing debris from well bore, i.e. sand, paraffin, hydrates, scale cement, etc .Installing and retrieving tubing plugs, bridge plugs and chokes. Running pressure and temperature recording instruments. Installing and retrieving artificial lift .TCO equipment and company. Installing and retrieving BPV (Back Pressure Valve).Positioning sliding sleeves SSD.Locating tubing tail and tagging fill. Performing fishing jobs. Performing  any  other  Slick  line  work that may come up. Able to redress all Slick line tools. Use proper hand tools for any type of job.


Sllickline supervisor with experience in Gas-lift, Baker Surset plugs, Crown Plugs and fishing operations. Slickline specific experience at a leadership level for at least 5 years.

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail’s title.