EIA updates its forecast for oil prices

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Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the US Department of Energy increases forecast for Brent to $ 62.39/bbl in 2018. 

Report informs, says the short-term EIA report. The average price of Brent oil for 2019 set at $ 61.51/bbl.

The report predicts that WTI average price forecast for 2018 will be $ 58.28, and $ 57.51 for 2019.MThe EIA also believes, next record of US oil production forecast for 2018 is 10.6 mln bbl/day.

Notably, in January, this figure was 10.3 mln bbl/day. Daily oil production in US in 2019 is expected to be 11.2 mln/bbl.

According to preliminary EIA report, oil production in US in January 2018 amounted to 10.17 mln bbl/day.

This is 0,1 mln. bbl/day more than in December.

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