How much high octane petrol was delivered in Azerbaijan?

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doroqoy_benzinIn 2015 Azerbaijan imported oil products and electric energy to the amount of $297. 9 million. This is twice as much against 2013, reported the Azerbaijan State Customs Committee.

Since April 1, 2014 Azerbaijan started imported of high octane petrol, because of reconstruction of the oil refineries. In April 2014 the country suspended production of AI-95 petrol. The data about annual volume of its import is not available yet.

The State Statistical Committee has released information about nine months, 2104, which reads that during this period the country purchased 64,820 tons of Premium petrol and 504 tons of Super petrol abroad. During three quarters import of petrol totaled $204.4 million.

In reality Premium petrol was imported from April to September, which is six months, and about 65,000 tons of high-octane petrol corresponds to SOCAR’s data about its share in total petrol consumption at the local market of the country (10% is consumed at the local market – over 1.3 million tons of petrol).

However, there are proofs that there is almost no demand in Super brand of petrol in our country (10 cisterns or about 655,000 liters) as Turan wrote a year ago.

According to the State Statistical Committee, during 2014 export of Azerbaijani petrol totaled only 11,760 tons to the amount of $9,954,600.

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