International Company is looking for a Leading specialist in offshore operations

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Position: Leading specialist in offshore operations

·        To ensure proper monitoring of all preparatory activities for mobilization of vessels on due time with offshore campaign schedule.

·        To provide onshore assistance during offshore operations (first onshore point of contact for CPY Representatives onboard Vessels) and be in charge of gathering all daily reports and subsequent analyses of construction/installation progress.

·        To advise on any events influencing the general planning of operations and participate in finding ways to manage the changes caused under the responsibility of his hierarchy.


·        With the support of URF Marine, Diving & HSE Leader, get local work authorization and permits required for the execution of the ABSHERON UFR scope.

·        To support URF Marine Leader for the follow-up of the local vessel’s selection process and the management of the Vessels Compliance Dossier.

·        To support URF Project Eng. for the follow-up of Vessels suitability survey by MWS, and proper monitoring of punches clearance on due time for URF Offshore operations.

·        To ensure proper coordination between CPY Representative at BOSSHELF for In-country fabrication and URF Mobilization Eng., thus with accurate monitoring of installation schedule and associated constraints.

·        To ensure management of URF Roster for Offshore operational personnel onboard vessels.

·        To support the elaboration and ensure readiness / approval of SIMOPS/COMOPS/Co-Activities Dossiers in accordance with URF CTR Offshore Operations sequence.

·        Promote HSE values and ensure compliancy with HSEQ management system.

·        To comply with HSE requirements.

·        Remain accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behavior with regard to HSE rules and requirements and for ensuring their implementation within his/her scope of responsibility.

·        Assist reporting during all phases and more particularly the close-out report.

·        To assist liaising daily with all UFR CPY Representatives onboard Vessels and on SITE (when applicable).

·        To assist managing and follow the day-to-day activities of the vessels, monitor the progress.

·        To assist coordinating the planning of the operations with associated marine spread and equipment.

·        To assist coordinating the preparation of the offshore operations.

·        To assist coordinating onshore assistance during marine operations.

·        To assist follow the fabrication progress, load out and sail away of equipment.

·        To support the URF Interface Leader for proper coordination with TOPSIDE package and DRILLING (if applicable) the needs, anticipate the issues and avoid the interferences.

·        To support the “SIMOPS Coordinator” for identification of interfering activities (SIMOPS/COMOPS), review of the COMOPS/SIMOPS dossier and follow its validation on due time for URF offshore operations.

·        Assess offshore changes (management of change procedure) with UFR Lead Installation.

·        To coordinate the set-up, management of the CPY UFR onshore and offshore personnel mobilization plan.

·        To coordinate, with the support of Project Assistant, the logistic of the CPY UFR offshore personnel and the materiel.

·        To coordinate with the support of HSE Leader the readiness of CPY UFR offshore personnel in terms of “HSE Passport” (BOSIET, STW…).

·        To participate to HAZID/HIRA and coordinate with Operating Company for organization of ARO/RLO (if any).

·        To report Anomalies or Situations at Risk and encourage positive initiative to HSE.

·        To support and enforce the HSE Project objectives and directives.

·        To support and implement the Project HSE management system (plans, procedure and specifications).

·           To monitor the implementation of safety procedures and working practices by Contractor.

·         To Comply with the HSE Training required for his position.

Contact emails: david.clemmey@orioneng.com




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