SOCAR May Take Part in Construction of Oil Pipeline in Belarus

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SOCAR Construction LLC (a subsidiary of SOCAR) plans to take part in the construction project of the Gomel-Gorki main pipeline, which will connect two branches of the Druzhba main oil pipeline in Belarus.

“On April 29, 2020, the President of Belarus signed an order on the construction of the Gomel-Gorki oil pipeline in record time. The project should be completed in 2023. The goal of this project is to diversify oil supplies to Belarus. At present, SOCAR Constriction is actively negotiating its participation in the construction of the Gomel-Gorki pipeline and hopes to continue the implementation of long-term projects in Belarus,” the state agency BelTA informs.

The construction of the Gomel – Gorki oil trunk pipeline will make it possible to unite the existing pipeline system in the country by connecting the two existing trunk pipelines Unecha – Polotsk and Unecha – Mozyr – Adamovo.

“SOCAR’s management welcomes the decision to build the Gomel-Gorki oil trunk pipeline, considering it timely and far-sighted. The company believes that it has a number of competitive advantages to participate in this project, including the availability of qualified labor ready to work in Belarus, all the necessary permits and certificates of quality management compliance with the requirements of the international ISO standard,” the information says.

The cost of building the Gomel – Gorki oil pipeline is estimated at $ 123 million. The total length of the pipeline will be 207 km, the maximum volume of pumping is 6 million tons per year.

The Gomel-Gorki oil pipeline will allow to unite the “northern” and “southern” branches of the Druzhba oil pipeline on the territory of Belarus, including the connection between the Naftan refinery (Vitebsk region, direction of Latvia) and the Mozyr refinery (Gomel region, direction of Ukraine and Poland)

* LLC SOCAR Construction has many years of experience in implementing major projects of the all-Union scale. Founded in 1949, the company (at that time called AzerDenizNeftinsaat) carried out a project to build a city in the sea – the world famous Oil Rocks. SOCAR Construction also has experience in participating in construction projects in Belarus, in particular, in the project for the installation of technological pipelines at the construction of a hydro-cracking complex for heavy oil residues at the Mozyr Oil Refinery. 


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