The commissioning is conducted at the plant for the production of gasoline from gas

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The gasoline production plant will produce 600 thousand tons of high-quality automotive fuel from natural gas a year, which is being built in Ovadendape of the Akhal region near the Ashgabat-Dashoguz highway, where most of the construction industry enterprises are concentrated and the regional East-West gas pipeline is laid.

The commissioning of the enterprise is planned for December of this year.  The installation of the latest equipment from world manufacturers and technologies from the Danish company “Haldor Topsoe” is being completed and commissioning is underway at the gas chemical complex under construction. The consortium of companies «Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.» (Japan) and “Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri Inşaat Sanaıi ve Tiçaret Anonim Şirketi” (Turkey) carries out the construction of the enterprise in accordance with the contract signed by GC “Turkmengaz”. The technological process of converting gas into liquid fuel included the construction of a chain of process units: deep purification of natural gas, synthesis of gas, methanol and facilities for obtaining and upgrading gasoline.

It is the world’s largest project for processing natural gas into gasoline to date. Equipped with equipment from world manufacturers and technology from the Danish company “Haldor Topsoe”, the company will annually process 1 billion 785 million cubic meters of natural gas and produce 600,000 tons of high-quality RON-92 gasoline meeting the environmental requirements of the Euro-5 standard. The production of 12,000 tons of diesel fuel and 115,000 tons of liquefied gas is foreseen per year. The enterprise will provide employment for 700 people.

The specialists of GC “Turkmengaz” plan to prepare feasibility studies for a number of new investment projects in the current year. Among them are reconstruction of the natural gas processing plant and the production of liquefied gas at the Bagadzha deposit in the Lebap region, and the construction of a plant for ethane processing, the production of polyvinyl acetate with a capacity of 55,000 tons per year at the fields of Central Karakum located near the Yylanly gas compressor station in the Dashoguz region.



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