By 2018 Kazakhstan President instructed to satisfy Kazakh market needs with local oil products

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Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has instructed to fully satisfy needs of the local market with the Kazakh oil products in 2018.

nazarbay“I have instructed to fully satisfy our market’s need in local oil products, such as petrol, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene and gas, by 2018,” said Nazarbayev at the congress of Nur Otan party’s , which is chaired by him. He said there are possibilities to achieve this goal and we have been working on it.

“It is important to liberalize oil and gas market and give the commercial functions back to the oil refineries. There is world oil and gas price, if we sell less locally, then the government has to subsidize, which is state funds again. Petrol price is lower and oilmen are paid by the state. Maybe it would have been better to give it to people, so they can buy at a normal price,” he said.

President also added that by 2021 oil production in Kazakhstan will reach 92 million tons. In 2015 Kazakhstan reduced oil production by 2% against previous year to 66,618,000 tons.

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