Turkmenistan’s energy possibilities once again discussed in Brussels

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The second international meeting of the experts devoted to reliable and stable transit of energy carries and investments into the energy infrastructure has taken place in Brussels, reported the state news agency of Turkmenistan (TDH).

74 experts from various countries took part at the meeting organized by the Secretariat of the Energy Charter and the Turkmenistan Foreign Ministry.

The juridical and commercial issues of investments into the energy infrastructure projects both at the expense of state funds and private companies and role of the state in stimulation of investments and peculiarities of the international investment climate considering the Agreement to the Energy Charter have been discussed at the meeting.

Turkmenistan has defined diversification of energy resources export routes and creation of a branchy multi-variant pipeline system as a strategic priority. The country’s huge hydrocarbon resources allow the country concluding long-term contracts for stable delivery of energy carriers. At present there are agreements on three gas pipelines: Turkmenistan-Russia, Turkmenistan-China and Turkmenistan-Iran. The perspective variant of diversification of deliveries is construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.

Oil and natural gas are extracted by Petronas Cargali, Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd, Buried Hill Serdar Limited, RWE Dea AG, Itera, CNPC, Eni and Mitro.

At the final session of the Brussels meeting the international experts adopted the final Declaration, which named the key directions of improvement of the existing institutional legal system of global energy safety. At the session Turkmenistan’s active role in formation of a new regional and inter-regional energy infrastructure and working out of clear principles of activities of the states at the international markets of energy carriers has been mentioned.

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