Novak defined approximate route of Turkish Stream

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europe_russia_pipelinesThe possible route of the Turkish Stream  gas pipeline could pass through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary to Austria – Baumgartner, but it is up to the EU to make the decision, said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak in his interview to Russia 24.

            He added that Russia has been negotiating with the countries, through which the gas pipeline could be laid.

            “I know that many countries, with which we have negotiated, are very interested in construction of this infrastructure,” Novak added.

            He said that on the territory of Serbia and Hungary the route will partially coincide with the Southern Stream. “The countries have been discussing construction of this infrastructure now,” he added.

In December 2014 Russia announced refusal of the South Stream gas pipeline, which had to be laid along the Black Sea bottom and through Bulgaria and to deliver fuel to the Balkan republics as well as Hungary, Austria and Italy. The project has been suspended, because of the European Union’s unconstructive position. Instead it was decided to build the pipeline to Turkey and create a gas hub on the Greek border for the consumers on the south of Europe.

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