Turkmenistan conducts large-scale geological exploration in shallow water of Caspian Sea

Caspian_Sea_210912“ATurkmennebit” (“Turkmenoil”) State Concern is currently conducting large-scale exploration work in the North Goturdepe field in the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian Sea, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan said March 31.

“The drilling operations have been recently completed at the well No. 217 and this is the tenth well drilled in this region,” the statement said.

While exploring the shallow part of the sea, Turkmenoil state concern uses modern equipment and highly efficient technologies of the concurrent/separate operation of two or more horizons in one well.

It was reported in early August 2014 that Turkmenistan summarizes an international tender announced by the Turkmengeology State Corporation for the right to conduct the complex seismic surveys, including the North Goturdepe field.

Earlier it was reported that the resources of the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian Sea are estimated at 12 billion metric tons of oil and 6.5 trillion cubic meters of gas. A number of the contracted middle and deep areas were put up for international tender.

Currently, the state concern operates about 30 fields, including more than 600 oil, oil-gas and gas deposits at different stages of development.