Since early 2015 gasoline price went up by 60% in Turkmenistan

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туркмен-бензинSince January 1, 2015 gasoline price went up in Turkmenistan. 1 liter of A-95 petrol will cost 1 manat against 0.62 manat ($0.22) and A-92 – 0.94 manat against 0.58 manat ($0.20).

The petrol prices in manat equivalent went up by 60%, but considering a new exchange rate of 3.5 manat per 1 USD, petrol price in foreign currency equivalent in Turkmenistan increased by 27%.

According to Caspian Barrel, before January 1, 2015 auto owners paid 31 manat per 50 liters of A-95 petrol (about $11.00 at the exchange rate of 2.85 manat per 1 USD), now they will have to pay 50 manat (about $14.00 at the exchange rate of 3.50 manat per 1 USD), then the difference will be 20 manat, but only $3.00.

The new price of 1 manat or $0.28 (at the new exchange rate) per liter of high quality fuel is the lowest one among the CIS member-states and one the cheapest in the world. The lowest fuel price is only in the oil producing countries of the Persian Gulf, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Iran.

In 2008 Turkmenistan President Gurbangulu Berdymohammadov introduced the limit of free gasoline for local auto owners, which guaranteed free 120 liters a month to the auto owners from the state. The truck and bus owners could get 200 liters of petrol a month for free.

In July 2014 the decree has been annulled.

From February 1, 2014 cost of natural gas consumed above the limit provided to the population for free since 1993 increased by ten times and totaled 20 manat per 1000 cub.m.

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