SOCAR decided to improve power supply of Chilov island

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n-dIn order to improve power supply of the Chilov island, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) plans to lay the underwater cable from the Neft Dashlary (Oil Rocks) field.

According to SOCAR, the underwater cable with 35 Kv voltage power will connect the gas turbine power station on Neft Dashlary with the Chilov island. The cable will be 24.2 km long and it will be laid on the depth between 22 and 28 meters.

Cable of Finnish Nokia company will be used for laying. The purchase-sale contract to buy the cable was concluded between Neftegasstroi construction trust (SOCAR’s subdivision) and Leon Commerz AG company.

At present Chilov island is supplied with power through the 30.5-km-long high voltage power line connecting the island with the 110/35 Kv sub-station in Dyubendi district. As the 110/35 high voltage power line Damba-Chilov was built between 1986 and 1992, it has accidents very often.

Chilov island with about 6 sq.km. area is located in the Caspian Sea on the Absheron archipelago. Zhiloy island is located on the eastern coast of the island. Chilov fields is also located on the island and SOCAR started its industrial development in 1952.

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