Diesel fuel price to go up in Kazakhstan from May 1, 2014

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In May 2014 diesel fuel price will go up in Kazakhstan, reported Novosti-Kazakhstan news agency quoting Asylbek Duisebayev, deputy chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Natural Monopolies Regulation.

“Petrol price is not expected to go up in the near future. The Agency is going to approve a new formula to calculate the diesel fuel price and beginning tomorrow only diesel fuel price will go up,” Duisebayev said at a briefing at the Central Communications Service.

He found it difficult to name the diesel fuel price, but mentioned that diesel fuel will still be among the oil products regulated by the Kazakhstan government.

“I cannot say anything about petrol resources in the country, because the Ministry of Oil and Gas is in charge of that. We have the formula, which depends on the price of barrel of oil, which automatically calculates petrol price,” concluded APEM representative.


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