In February 2014 Gasprom kept gas export to Europe at 16 billion cub.m.

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In February 2014 Gasprom kept the gas export to Europe at 13.1 billion cub.m., which is equal to last year, official representative of the Russian gas holding Sergei Kupriyanov told RIA Novosti.

“We are satisfied with the results. In January 2014 gas export totaled 16 billion cub.m., up 13.2% against January 2013. Despite warm weather in Europe in February 2014, we kept the deliveries at 13.1 billion cub.m., which is equal to last year,” he said.

Asked how was this winter for Gasprom, he said though January was cold and gas consumption increased, the holding was able to take a grown load and fully honor its commitments to its consumers in Russia and abroad.

“In Jnauary 2014 there was the highest gas consumption – 1.79 billion cub.m. On January 31, 2014 there was the maximum daily productivity of the Rusdsian udnerground gas storages – 725.2 million cub.m.,” said Gasprom’s representative.

In 2014 Gasprom expects to export 161.5 billion cub.m. of gas to Europe like last year or as minimum no less than 150 billion cub.m. In 2013 Gasprom’s deliveries to Europe increased by 16% up to 161.48 billion cub.m. of gas, average price of deliveries totaled $380 per 1000 cub.m. (reduction by 5.5%). In 2014 Gasprom’s budget is based on reduction of average gas price to Far Abroad to $372 per 1000 cub.m.

In 2013 Gasprom Export exported to Europe 127.05 billion cub.m. of  gas, up 20% against 2012. Gas deliveries to Central Europe totaled 34.43 billion cub.m. (growth by 4.4%). In 2013 Gasprom’s production increased by 0.1% up to 487.4 billion cub.m.

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