Turkmenistan intends to increase manufacture of high octane automobile petrols

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NPZ-2The oil refinery in Turkmenbashi city in Turkmenistan is building new installations to increase manufacture of high octane automobile petrol with the improved ecological characteristics, reported the Turkmenistan Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources.

According to the report, a wide-scale project to build innovative installations of vacuum refining of black oil, alkylation of light olefins, mixture of petrol and isomerization of light petrols is implemented by the consortium of South Korean companies LG International Corporation and  Hyundai Engineering Corporation, Ltd.

“The produced alkylate and isomerizate are ideal components for manufacture of commercial high octane gasoline up to the  international Euro-4 standard,” reads the statement.

The raw materials for their manufacture are gases produced on the catalytic cracking installation MSCC and light fractions of virgin oil produced in the primary oil refining workshops.

In 2015 Turkmenistan plans to increase capacity of the oil refining field up to 15 million tons of oil a year, in 2020 –up to 20 million tons, in 2025 – up to 22 million tons and in 2030 – up to 30 million tons of oil a year.

At present Turkmenistan manufactures almost 10 million tons of oil a year, majority of which is refined at the local oil refineries.

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