Construction of Underwater Part of Turkish Stream Completed

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On November 19, officially finishes the construction of the underwater part of the Turkish Stream, which runs under the Black Sea. Vladimir Putin will arrive at the significant ceremony in Turkey.

Unlike Nord Stream 2, the construction of the southern gas route this time was not accompanied by serious opposition from external players. However, it is possible that the main difficulties are still ahead.

Presidential Aide for International Affairs Yury Ushakov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin, together with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, will attend the completion ceremony of the construction of the underwater part of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. The ceremony will be held in Istanbul on November 19.

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline was developed instead of the South Stream project, the construction of which was blocked by Bulgaria. Two pipelines stretch along the bottom of the Black Sea to Turkey, and then, passing through its territory, continue to the borders of Greece. The launch of the entire complex will occur in 2020. In mid-January, it is expected to sign a plan for the construction of a second branch of the Turkish Stream with Serbia through the territory of the country, Izvestia reported.

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