International Company is looking for a WEC Drilling Product Engineer AZT and KZU

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Position: WEC Drilling Product Engineer AZT and KZU

Minimum 5 years related field experience.  At least 5 years in equivalent or level down management role.

Degree qualified/Graduate Bachelor Engineering/Masters or equivalent experience

WEC Drilling Product Engineer AZT and KZU:

The WEC Drilling Product Engineer is responsible for assisting the Product & Service Delivery (PSD) team to

deliver safe, efficient, and reliable product and service delivery for our customers. The WEC Drilling Product

Engineer develops and delivers optimized technical job designs for the area of responsibility. This person

identifies opportunities for continuous improvement of service delivery and formally communicate findings,

and supports the Business Line(s) in risk management and apply lessons learned to improve job design. The

WEC Drilling Product Engineer provides real-time support to PSD operations as required, and is responsible for

the COSD (i.e. resource consumption).

• Develop technical job designs as required for the Business Line(s).

• Identify areas where new and cost-effective techniques can be applied.

• Explore opportunities for value-added products and services.

• Provide technical support throughout the service delivery process.

• Understand and communicate value of technology and interpretations.

• Consult with relevant subject matter experts as required to optimize the technical design.

• Support the OU PSD and/or PSD Manager in the execution phase with design changes as required

due to changes in job dimensions, resource availability, service quality incidents, etc.

• Assist in incident response, recovery, and incident investigation.

• Support multiple Business Line(s) operations in a collaborative optimized job design.

• Assist sales and commercial team in evaluating technical viability and tenders.

• Analyze job execution vs. design and formally capture design improvements and optimization

opportunities (lessons learned and best practices).


SI-GEMS – SLB Global Engineering System

S.C.O.R. – SLB Global Bits manufacturing system

FMS – Field Management System

QTrac – SLB Equipment Quality and Tracking System

DBOS – Drill Bit Optimization System

Yield Point – Drill bit and turbine hydraulics optimization

IDEAS – Integrated Dynamics Engineering Analysis System (Simulations) tool to model and simulate entire drill string behavior based on inputs like rock, parameters (WOB, RPM), BHA, bit, well profile.

iDrill – engineering service based on IDEAS platrform

HART – hydraulics optimization tool for Rhino underreamer tool used for hole enlargement operations

RUNNER – tool used to do jar simulations and jar placement optimization

Techlog – Platform to analyze and interpret drilling data

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail title.