Wood Italiana is looking for a Procurement Manager

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Position: Procurement Manager:

The PMC Procurement & Subcontracts Manager reports directly to the PMC Project Director or his nominated deputy. He will manage the PMC Procurement & Subcontracts team during the EPC/EPCM Implementation Phase of the Project. His primary responsibility is to ensure that the Project procurement and subcontracts requirements are addressed throughout the lifecycle of the Project. The PMC Procurement and Subcontracts Manager’s role includes:

Ensuring HSSE goals, objectives and targets are met through personal leadership and involvement,

Championing the ‘Safety Shield’ behaviours and engagement activities,

Supporting the development of a Project culture that enables a high performing team,

Supporting the change and risk management process across the Project, 

Supporting the Interface and stakeholder management processes across the Project,

Ensuring that effective contracts management systems and processes are implemented,

Providing overall management of the procurement and subcontracts function within the PMC,

Providing input and advice to PMC Project Director on EPC/EPCM Contractors’ commercial and contractual formal correspondence, related to procurement and subcontracts issues,

Management of the EPC/EPCM Contractors in the procurement of equipment and materials, in all phases (enquiry, quotes evaluation, bidder selection, expediting, etc…),

Control and comment all Procurement / Materials Management activities for the assigned EPC Work Package(s),

Review EPC Contractors’ Procurement/Materials Management Plans and material responsibility matrix for the Work Package(s),

Ensure Work Package(s) specific material management procedures and requirements (including Material Control and Planning and Supplier Quality Surveillance) are applied,

Interact with the EPC Contracts Manager, EPC Project Manager, Discipline Leads and Company to meet Project objectives through alignment sessions, to ensure effective cross ¬ discipline communication,

Responsible to review and recommend submission for any changes affecting materials on the EPC Work Package(s),

Ensure effective cross-discipline communications, address and track the needs, requirements and issues for the EPC Work Package(s),

Ensure that Contract requirements are implemented into Project Procurement/Materials Management plans and procedures,

Review EPC Contractor’s material control plans and procedures, and Material Take – Off schedules,

Review EPC Contractor’s Project expediting/SQS inspection plans and strategies, which support Project schedule objectives,

Review EPC Contractor’s Procurement/Materials Management procedures and sourcing strategies,

Review Project logistics plans and strategies as may be prepared by the Logistics Manager,

Review field material management plans and procedures, including site material control, warehousing and surplus disposition as prepared by EPC Contractor,

Ensure that appropriate strategies are developed, Project objectives are achieved, potential issues are identified and corrective actions are completed,

Prepare weekly and monthly Procurement/Materials Management progress reports and provide input into Project reports,

Review recommendations for award of Purchase Orders and Subcontracts,

Review Change Orders,

Follow and check the Subcontract strategies and individual contracting plans, validate the qualification of all bidders, follow the solicitation Request for Quotations (RFQ), the performance of the Commercial Bid Evaluation (CBE) for proposals, the bid clarifications, contract negotiations, and the recommendation for award,

Ensure that bid process complies with project specific procedures,

Follow the qualification’s questionnaire to interested Subcontractors and coordinate the review of completed questionnaires with involved people,

Validate the bidder’s list, follow the preparation of bid documents and the issuance to bidders

Follow the reception and the tabulation of bids, the commercial evaluations, the preparation of the recommendation for the award, securing all authorizations per the Project Supply Chain Plan,

Follow the preparation the Subcontract to the final negotiated scope, schedule, cost and other conditions,

Follow the award of Subcontract for the Subcontractor’s execution,

Prepare and maintains Subcontract(s) status report(s),

Follow all commercial matters related to the on-site administration activities of the awarded Subcontracts,

Provide overall Subcontract support to the technical PMC and Employer representatives monitoring and tracking the progress of all Subcontract deliverables and activity milestone dates to enable authorization and certification of invoices, development and issuance of Change Orders, work authorizations and work releases,

Follow the issuance of Subcontract documents and their revisions, as they occur (e.g., issued for construction drawings),

Maintain daily journals for assigned Subcontracts and expediting input from other disciplines,

Verify the Subcontractor’s monthly progress payment invoice based on approved work measurement,

Expedite Change Orders including identification of work scope and development of price and schedule impact,

Review and evaluates the Subcontractor’s requests and claims for authorization of additional compensation or time extension,

View and evaluate the Subcontractor claims, facilitate prompt communication and resolutions by the project claims procedure,

Follow the preparation of notices of completion and close-out documentation,

Follow the recovery of back charges and the back charge log,

Expediting legal clearances before final payment,

Follow the preparation of the final account summary and finalization of Subcontracts documentation.

Minimum industrial experience: 25 years

Higher education or degree in relevant discipline

contact e-mail: [email protected]