Khazar Engineering Company is seeking for a Survey Coordinator

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Job Title :                            Survey Coordinator
Purpose of Job:                  Reporting to the directors the Survey Coordinator shall support new global high technical projects from appraise stage all the way through to execute phase. Shall be capable and instrumental on building and developing discipline surveyors teams with laser scanning and dimensional control backgrounds and be capable of running projects as a manager. Shall be expert in the survey field with extensive knowledge of all scanning and dimensional control methods from technical expertise with additional equipment knowledge and be familiar with all necessary rules for equipment mobilizations and industry measurement standards.
Qualifications:                  Dimensional control survey qualification + 10 years’ experience in the field or 20 years job experience
Primary Responsibilities:  Safety, Quality, HSSE, Financial, Business Development, Systems/Processes and Procedures and department development.
Areas of responsibility: Delivers subsea projects that meets clients requirements, cost, schedule, technical specifications, QA and assurance and HSSE
Key Functions: Provide technical expertise into all project proposalsOn award of contract, assemble a team of surveyors that will reflect the design and strategy set out by the clientManage the team on a day to day basisDeliver the projects as above areas of responsibility.Deliver the projects to company procedures and policies.Ensure proper reporting methods and tools are adhered to on a regular basis.Develop good working relationships with all clientsKeep upper management and directors informed of progress and costs and of any new technical developments.
Note: The duties as described herein are intended as a minimum guide and it should be understood that operational demands may at times necessitate that new technology or activities not described above which are not include above are performed with a professional and experienced attitude this position demands.

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