PD&MS Group is looking for a L3 Rope Access Technician

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Position: L3 Rope Access Technician

Service Specification Summary

Provision of services for the supervision, coordination and management of all Rope Access activities offshore. Service provision will include a strong focus on safety conditions of the projects relating to the facility assigned, and active oversight of each scope to deliver in a timely manner. Services shall include ensuring all interested parties are kept informed of progress, issues and plans.

Company Service Requirements for Any Nominated Worker Provided

Any Personnel provided by your organisation to deliver this service should be able to: • Oversee and undertake inspection duties, organising and generating reports pertaining to inspection and evaluation • Prepare reports on all testing and evaluations carried out • Prioritise job orders in terms of cost and effectiveness • Coordinate rope access activities • Complete reviews of all information detailed in rope access method statements, risk statements and any other documentation as required, ensuring that any threat to the integrity of the rope system is identified and managed in an effective manner • Ensure any alterations are recorded and cleared by Project Responsible Person before work commences • Be conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation • Reporting about progress, non-compliance, technical queries and delay in work to the Project Responsible Person • Ensure appropriate documentation is signed by work party when cross party works have been identified • Attend at site during operational work • Carry out assessment of environmental conditions, worksite location, work task, permit to work requirements and conflicting activities before commencing operations • Ensure special precautions are taken when working over water as per company guidelines • Ensure Rope Access Areas are controlled and safe • Ensure Rope Access operations by all parties are conducted in a safe manner and in accordance with company guidelines • Ensure Rope Access parties conduct pre-use, function checks and buddy checks on their equipment • Ensure that the equipment used is functioning to its maximum and according to safety regulations and continual monitoring of same • Endorse equipment for repair • Monitor the effectiveness of the control measures in place to maintain the safe operating conditions of the worksite • Check Anchor Systems before use • Notify parties concerned when anchors have been de-rigged • Ensure compliance with permit systems at worksites • Ensure all parties understand the system of communication in use and that this is recorded in the method statement • Maintain an up to date Record of Rope Hours which is to be included in the Rope Access Hours Log • Demonstrate all the skills and knowledge required for levels 1 and 2 • Adhere to the company integrated management system • Comply with quality assurance, health and safety and environmental policies • Adhere to the requirements of the best practice standards recommendations and processes, in particular, risk assessment and control, reliability and failure prevention necessary to ensure the safe design, provision and use of tools, equipment and systems

• Review and endorse offshore timesheets, approval by a PD&MS employee

• Endorse risk assessments and method statements, approval by a PD&MS employee

CV’s should be sent to the following email address:  [email protected].