Turkey counts on Turkmen gas supplies through the Caspian Sea

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Yesterday, the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that he is counting on the supply of Turkmen gas to the country through the Caspian Sea. 

“The trilateral summit in Turkmenistan (with the participation of the leaders of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan) is also aimed at discussing energy issues. My Minister of Energy will travel with me. The participation of Ilham Aliyev (President of Azerbaijan) in this summit is also important, we will discuss these issues together. My expectations are to deliver Turkmen gas to our country through the Caspian,” Erdogan told reporters at the “Esenboga” airport in Ankara before flying to Turkmenistan.
The head of the Turkish state recalled that he had previously discussed this topic with the President of Turkmenistan, who showed great interest in this project. 

Caspian Barrel