The Center for Hydrogen Energy began to work under the IOGU, Turkmenistan

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The Center for Hydrogen Energy, opened on the basis of the International Oil and Gas University named after Yagshigeldi Kakaev, has begun active work, the publication «Turkmenistan: Golden Age» reports.

 The creation of the Center was the result of steps taken by Turkmenistan to promote energy diplomacy.  Its main task is the training of high-level specialists and the establishment of international scientific cooperation in this field, the implementation of research work, the development and implementation of innovative scientific and educational programs in production in order to create and develop the hydrogen energy industry in Turkmenistan.

 The activities of the new Center are aimed at implementing the tasks and action plan within the framework of the Roadmap for the development of international cooperation of Turkmenistan in the field of hydrogen energy for 2022-2023.

 The first online meeting of OSCE representatives with specialists from the Center for Hydrogen Energy and students of an oil and gas university took place at the end of February.  The participants discussed the prospects for the development of hydrogen energy, the training of highly qualified specialists in this field and the expansion of international cooperation.

 This was followed by a Turkmen-Japanese conference dedicated to the study of foreign experience in the field of hydrogen energy.  In early April, the working group of the Center, as well as the faculty and students of the university, took part in the First UNIDO meeting on global cooperation in the field of industrial use of hydrogen energy.  The meeting discussed the development of global cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of «green» hydrogen production between the member states of the organization.

 IOGU specialists also participated in a conference on the topic «Development of a roadmap for the commercial development of nuclear-hydrogen energy for the development of the industry», organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

 The next event was a scientific and practical conference on the topic «The importance of the development of hydrogen energy in Turkmenistan», organized by the training and practical center «Renewable Energy Sources» of the State Institute of Energy of Turkmenistan and the Center for Hydrogen Energy IOGU.

 In the future, the specialists of the Center, based on the study of world experience, will develop and make proposals for the introduction of advanced innovative technologies for the production of hydrogen energy in Turkmenistan.