Over the years of independence, gas production in Kazakhstan has increased by seven times

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Over the years of independence, gas production in Kazakhstan has increased by seven times, announced the vice-minister of the department Zhumabay Karagaev.

Zhumabay Karagaev

At the end of 2020, gas production by oil and gas producing companies of the republic amounted to 55.1 bcm, which is more than seven times higher than the level of gas production in 1991 (7.9 bcm).

In terms of gas reserves, Kazakhstan ranks 22nd in the world and 3rd among the CIS countries after Russia and Turkmenistan. The State Reserves Commission has approved recoverable gas reserves at the level of 3.8 trillion m3. About 98% of all explored gas reserves are concentrated in the west of Kazakhstan, with 87% in large oil and gas and oil and gas condensate fields.

“According to its structure, the gas produced in the republic is mainly associated petroleum gas, natural gas and gas condensate fields in Kazakhstan include the Amangeldy and Shagyrly-Shomyshty fields. About 90% of gas production in Kazakhstan is provided by the Karachaganak, Kashagan, Tengiz and Zhanazhol projects. In general, there are 79 gas producing companies in the republic, of which about 23 companies sell gas to the gas transportation system to meet the needs of the domestic market and export,” the vice minister said.

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