TANAP Capacity Expansion Can Be Completed in Three Years – Duzyol

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lThe expansion of the TANAP capacity can be completed in three years. TANAP CEO Saltuk Duzyol said this during an online press conference

Saltuk Duzyol

Duzyol noted that due to low gas prices, expansion of TANAP’s capacity is not relevant now.

“But at the moment, places have been selected for additional compressor stations. Investments in expanding the pipeline’s capacity will depend on the volume of gas. If a decision is made to expand the capacity, we can complete the relevant work in three years,” said Saltuk Duzyol.

It should be noted that currently, along the total length of the TANAP pipeline of 1,797 km, two compressor stations have been installed. To increase the current throughput of the pipeline from 16 billion cubic meters per year to the maximum – 31 billion cubic meters, 5 additional compressor stations are needed.  

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