Shell: World gas consumption to be reduced from 2040

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British-Dutch oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell has published a climate plan (scenario) Sky, prescribing actions that the world community must take to achieve the goals of the Paris agreement.

At the same time Shell emphasizes that the scenario does not contain accurate forecasts.

The main objective of the Paris Agreement is to curb the growth of the global temperature within 2°C of the pre-industrial era.

According to the scenario of Sky, global oil consumption will reach a peak in the mid-2020s, will begin to decline in 2030, fall below the current level in 2040 and be reduced by 90% by 2070. After 2040, the consumption of natural gas will also drop sharply. By 2070, the volumes of nuclear generation will grow more than threefold: to 1,400 GW from 450 GW in 2020.

Let’s note that while natural gas in the world energy balance is on the third place, giving way to coal and oil. However, it is expected that by the middle of the next decade natural gas will already be in the second position.

The document states that to implement the plan, it will be necessary to change consumer thinking in favor of low-carbon solutions, to take measures to increase energy efficiency, and to introduce in the 2020s the tariffing of greenhouse gas emissions in all countries of the world.

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