Gazprom Has New Deposit with Huge Gas Reserves

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Reserves of the Tambeyskoye field of Gazprom can grow up to 3.7 trillion cubic meters, which is 2.5 trillion cubic meters more than the volume of currently confirmed reserves, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia, Sergei Donskoy, said on his Facebook page yesterday.

“Colleagues from Gazprom submitted for examination the reserves for three licensed areas in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and the Tyumen region. If the data are confirmed, we can talk about the increase to 2.7 trillion cubic meters of gas instead of C1 + C2 from 1.2 trillion in 2012 by operational calculation. And if we proceed from additional data (not yet submitted to the State Reserves Committee), the increase will be almost 3 trillion cubic meters in category C2, which together with the existing reserves will amount to 3.7 trillion cubic meters. It is classified as a giant deposit,” he wrote.

In 2009-2011, Gazprom carried out 3D seismic within the West Tambey, North-Tambey and Tasia license areas, the materials of which in 2016 were reinterpreted together with 2D assessments of previous years. In five years, eight wells were drilled, including seven exploration wells. 21 objects were tested, eight of which received industrial inflows. As a result, the Tasia, North-Tambey and West-Tambey fields are combined into a single Tambeyskoye field.

Recall that on May 19, during a press conference, the Board member of Gazprom Vsevolod Cherepanov said the company will determine the options for developing the Tambeyskoye field until mid-2019.

“The decision on how the deposits will be developed, whether it is gas in a pipe, or gas for liquefaction, etc., will be based on the results of pre-investment research. This will take about two years,” the top manager of Gazprom said then.

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