Azneft Announces Production Figures

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The production association Azneft (production structure of SOCAR) in January-April of 2017 produced 2 million 39.9 thousand tons of oil and 1,693.136 mcm of gas.

According to the production association, in January-April 2016 it produced 2 million 90.6 thousand tons of oil and 1,437.1 mcm of gas. Thus, in the reporting period of the current year, the PA Azneft reduced oil production by 2.5% and increased gas production by 17.8%.

Since the beginning of 2017, 19 new wells have been commissioned by the order of Azneft PA, as a result of which 10,573 tons of oil was additionally mined.

Out of the idle fund, 39 wells were returned to the operating in January-April 2017, and 10,385 tons of oil was additionally mined.

In addition, 209 geological measures were carried out at the SOCAR fields in January-April of this year to increase oil production, as a result of which, 44.9 thousand tons of oil was additionally extracted. As a result of technical and technological work for the reporting period, the association additionally produced 17,225 tons of oil.

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