This year oil production expected to decrease by 700,000 tons

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vishka10From January to August 2015 tank oil production in Azerbaijan, including gas condensate, totaled 27,876,100 tons. During the same period last year oil production totaled 28,552,300 tons, reported the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee.

During 8 months, 215 the volume of tank oil produced in Azerbaijan decreased by 2.37%.

According to Turan, in August 2015 3,386,000 tons of tank oil was extracted in Azerbaijan (109,200 tons a day). In January 2015 oil production totaled 3,658,900 (118,003 tons), in February 2015 – 3,285,000 (117,300) tons and in March – 3,601,200 tons (116,200 tons).

The Centre for Oil Studies Caspian Barrel forecasts that in 2015 Azerbaijan will extract about 41.2 million tons of tank oil.

According to the official statistics, in 2014 Azerbaijan produced 41,892,900 tons of tank oil.

Turan agency reminded that at the end of last year SOCAR Vice President Rakhman Gurbanov said at a conference in Baku that in 2015 oil extraction is expected to total 40.7 million tons. He did not specify if this is the volume of tank oil or a total volume.

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