Unexpected significant gas production decline in Azerbaijan, statistics differ

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Территориально-производственное предприятие "Волгограднефтегаз"State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) published the statistics of hydrocarbon production in January 2015.

According to this information, in January 2015 the country extracted 2,496,000,000 cub.m. of gas, down 7.2% against January 2014.

According to the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee, the production totaled 2,493,000,000 cub.m., of which 1,759,900,000 cub.m. was tank gas. According to the Committee, the decline of gas production constituted 6.6%, though the growth of tank gas production constituted 7%.

The difference between SOCAR’s statistics and SOCAR during one month was about 3 million cub.m..

It is also unknown why in January 2015 SOCAR’s gas production decreased by 17.6% against January 2014.

According to SOCAR, in January 2015 it extracted 570.2 million cub.m. of gas, though in January 2014 SOCAR extracted 691.5 million cub.m. of gas.


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