Cold weather causes problems for Baku and Absheron

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gishOn February 1, 2014 many customers in six big districts of Baku were supplied with gas with interruptions during a day.

According to State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), this has been caused by the accident on the Digakh-Beyuk Shor gas pipeline.

Since February 1, 2014 10.00 a.m. natural gas supply to six districts of Baku was limited, because of the repair works.

“Gas will be supplied to parts of Narimanov, Nizami, Binagadi, Sabunchi, Nasimi and Hatai districts of Baku with breaks,” reported SOCAR.

Azerigas company assured that the repair brigades will solve the problem and natural gas supply will be resumed within several hours.

However, even on February 2, 2014 the population was supplied with natural gas with interruptions.

digehSOCAR mentioned in its statement that ”gas supply to Baku’s districts and regions of the republic was limited, because of the works aimed at gasification and improvement of gas supply on the territory of Azerbaijan.”

It was not clear why Azerigas, SOCAR’s gas distribution company, is involved in gasification and improvement of gas supply of the country during cold weather, which was announced by the State Hydrometeorology Committee four days before the cold snap.

On the other hand, why did the accident occur on the Digakh-Beyuk Shor gas pipeline? According to the sources from Azergas, on January 31, 2014 gas deliveries to the consumers increased by 11.4% against last week and totaled 29.3 million cub.m., because of cold weather. Of total volume of gaily gas consumption 17.9 million cub.m. fell to Baku and 11.4 million cub.m. to the regions of the country. Digakh-Beyuk Shor is unable to withstand such a load.

On January 31 and February 1 power distribution network of Baku and Absheron peninsula –Bakielectricshebeke – failed to honor its commitment to its customers. There were no problems downtown Baku, but in the suburbs there were power outages during night time.

Last time Baku and Absheron peninsula faced serious problem at the end of January – early February 2012, when temperature dropped to 13 degrees Celsius below zero.


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