From January to April income from Russian oil export dropped by 35.8%

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rus-oil23From January to April Russian oil export dropped by 35.8% in money terms and totaled $19,749 billion, read materials of the Russian Federal Customs.

From January to April 2015 this index totaled $30,753 billion.

During this period physical volume of oil export increased by 5% up to 83.81 million against 79,798 million tons a year earlier.

The main volume of oil was exported to Far Abroad – the cost of deliveries totaled $18,241 billion against $28,812 billion from January to April 2015. Profit from oil export to the CIS member-states totaled about $1.5 billion against $1.94 billion a year earlier.

Physical oil export to Far Abroad totaled 75,768,000 tons, while to Near Abroad – 8 million tons of oil.

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