Novak: Russia aims to cooperate with Turkmenistan in oil and gas

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The Russian side is aimed at cooperation with Turkmenistan in the field of oil and gas, including the creation of underground gas storage facilities in the country, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told reporters.

Recently, the leadership of Turkmenistan announced its intention to start building gas storage facilities in the country. Deputy Prime Minister Shahym Abdrahmanov, who is responsible for the oil and gas sector, reported to the head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov on the construction of an underground storage facility to ensure commercial gas reserves during a government meeting on January 13.

He said that it is planned to involve international consulting companies in the project to carry out work in accordance with international practice, prepare a feasibility study, design, equip and build.

Currently, Turkmenistan exports natural gas to China, Russia, and carries out swap gas supplies to Azerbaijan through Iran. In addition, Ashgabat is implementing a project to build the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.

According to BP, proven gas reserves in Turkmenistan are estimated at 13.9 trillion cubic meters. Natural gas production in Turkmenistan is classified. 

However, according to BP, in 2021 Turkmenistan produced 79.3 bcm of gas compared to 66 bcm in 2020. Gas consumption in the country in 2021 increased by 24.2%, to 36.7 bcm. In a country where, according to statistics, there is a population of 6 million and an undeveloped industry, gas consumption is for some reason at the level of the Netherlands or Spain.

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