Orion Group is looking for a Commissioning HVAC Engineer

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Job Title: Commissioning HVAC Engineer

∙             Promote and praise good behaviour

∙             Have quality conversation with team & listen to their concerns

∙             Be actively involved, in the site safety systems, including but not limited to:

∙             Site Management Safety walk through

∙             Risk assessments

∙             Risk Assess It, Talk It, Check It (RTC)

∙             Incident reporting and investigation

∙             Safety Observation and Conversation (SOC)

∙             Behavioural Observation safety System (BOSS)

∙             Provide HSE Leadership and work with the contractor to deliver fully on BP’s expectations on HSE.

∙             Control of ‘As Building’ documents in accordance with project procedure.

∙             Responsible for raising of HVAC/Mechanical discipline LUNs and ensuring that all work carried out on Live Systems is completed under a Permit to Work.

∙             Responsible for issuing RFDC for HVAC/Mechanical systems

∙             Coordinate Vendor call offs in accordance with construction and commissioning schedule ensuring Vendors are mobilised when required and are aware and understand the safe working practices of the site and receive all the necessary site specific safety training.

∙             Provide Technical input to Site queries and review of all HVAC/Mechanical changes.

∙             Attend tri-party and bi-party walkdowns with Construction and Operation. Raise/agree appropriate punch items and progress them to closure

∙             Lead leak testing for HVAC systems

∙             Review and comment on Engineering contractors AFD documents, provide commissioning perspective to Design.

∙             Review of Engineering Contractors AFC design documents.

∙             Participation in HVAC and temporary systems Hazops as required.

∙             Specifying and raising Purchase Orders for required HVAC equipment and HVAC Test Equipment.

∙             Attending project meetings as required.

∙             Identify HVAC and Mechanical temporary system requirements for commissioning

∙             Providing engineering assistance to the construction contractor for resolution of HVAC issues, etc.

∙             Witnessing and approving site acceptance tests.

∙             Review and acceptance of contractor supplied procedures and activities for installation of all HVAC equipment at all site locations.

∙             Responsible for the compilation, redline and completion of relevant Commissioning Test Procedures (CTP) for the HVAC systems.

∙             Responsible for the execution of all relevant work-scopes detailed within the CTP’s.

∙             Compilation of all necessary reports as/when required.

∙             Ensuring all HVAC commissioning personnel carryout their work and are fully trained in accordance with site PTW procedures

Contact emails: Zamina.Clemmey@orioneng.com




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