President: Azerbaijan – Europe’s reliable partner in gas market

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Azerbaijan is a reliable partner and friend of Europe in the gas market, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in his interview with El Pais, Report informs.

“We all know that the demand for natural gas in Europe will grow due to some decisions taken by some countries on their energy strategy. And here, Azerbaijan is a reliable partner, a friend of Europe, a country that has already completed all infrastructural works. Imagine the 3,500 kilometers of the gas pipeline from Baku to Italy, part of it is laid under the seabed. Everything has been built, and gas is pumped. All we need to do is to closely cooperate with the European Commission and EU member-states, with those who want to get more gas from us, or with the new gas buyers, and to start negotiations,” the head of state said.

He stressed that Azerbaijan has substantial natural gas reserves and quite a short transportation route to Europe.

As for the competition with the Russian gas, the head of state noted that the problem of competition is exaggerated and unfoundedly politicized.

“Our gas supplies cannot compete with the Russian gas supplies in any way,” President Aliyev said.


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