Parviz Shahbazov: “Hydrocarbons in energy mix is of vital importance to withstand shocks that lead to energy crises”

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“Azerbaijan too, has clear vision, goals and objectives concerning green energy policy,” Report informs that Azerbaijani Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov told the 23rd GECF Ministerial Meeting.

In his words, Azerbaijan endorses the calls and goals with regard to the energy transition.

“We support green energy technologies, hydrogen-related activities, and efforts to strengthen the position of renewable energy in the energy mix. These areas are important components of the National Priorities for the socio-economic development of our country.

Within the framework of the Paris Agreement and at the recently concluded COP26 conference, Azerbaijan has once again declared its commitment to these goals. At the same time, our country has long been pursuing policies envisaging the transformation into a natural gas country, with all its mitigating implications.”

The minister believes that in the current energy crisis, sustainable energy supply is not possible without the diversification of energy sources, and the diversity of energy resources is, as always, a guarantee of stability in the energy market now and in the future. “We are at the position where the maintenance of hydrocarbons in the energy mix is of vital importance to withstand the shocks that lead to energy crises.”


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