The state budget of Azerbaijan for 2022 is based on the oil price of $ 45/bbl

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The government of Azerbaijan predicts state budget revenues for 2022 at the level of 26 billion 407 million manats (an increase of 8.6% compared to 2021), and expenses – 28 billion 974 million manats (an increase of 12%) , the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

State budget revenues for the next year are calculated from the oil price of $ 45 per barrel (for 2021 – $ 40 per barrel).

In the structure of income,  it is planned to provide 52.4% or 13 billion 840 million manats at the expense of revenues from the oil sector, including transfers from the Oil Fund.

It is predicted that 85.7% of oil revenues of the budget will be transfers from the State Oil Fund, and 14.3% (1 billion 980 manats) – revenues from the oil sector through the tax authorities.

Transfers to the state budget from the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan for 2022 are provided in the amount of 11 billion 860 million manats (2.8% less than in 2021) or 44.9% of all budget revenues.
The forecast for state budget revenues for 2021 is 24 billion 327 million manats, expenditures – 25 billion 847.5 million manats. The state budget deficit for 2021 is projected at 1 billion 520.5 million manats or 2% of GDP (in 2022 – 3.2%). 

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