SOCAR to take part in project for green hydrogen plant construction in Switzerland

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SOCAR Energy Switzerland (the Swiss subsidiary of SOCAR) will take part in a project to build a plant for the production of green hydrogen in Switzerland.

“A consortium of Alpiq, EW Hofe and SOCAR Energy Switzerland plans to build an electrolysis plant with a capacity of up to 10 MW in the municipality of Freienbach. The plant is to be commissioned from the end of 2022, and after full expansion, the enterprise will produce from 1,000 to 1,200 cubic meters tons of green hydrogen per year, “EW Hofe said in a statement.

According to the company, the hydrogen produced by the pipeline will be delivered to a service station on the Fuchsberg highway, where SOCAR will install hydrogen filling stations in both directions.

“Green hydrogen produced in Freienbach, in heavy traffic conditions, can provide a maximum of about 200 commercial electric fuel cell vehicles. This will avoid the emission of about 14 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year,” the statement said.

In addition, infrastructure will be built to deliver this hydrogen to other hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland.

“In a second phase, the project partners also plan to supply waste heat from hydrogen production to the new regional district heating network Energie Ausserschwyz. This will provide heat to up to 1,300 households in the Höfe and Marsh districts,” notes EW Hofe.

In addition, the companies intend to test the addition of hydrogen to the existing EW Hofe gas distribution network.

“The partners of the project are currently preparing special information events for the population, at which the project will be presented in more detail and answers to all questions about hydrogen as an energy carrier will be given,” the information says.

As reported, in Switzerland, SOCAR operates in the field of retail trade in petroleum products, having a network of filling stations under the SOCAR brand.

The agreement on the acquisition of shares of Ecco Schweiz GmbH by SOCAR was signed on November 16, 2011 in Zurich. In general, the purchase cost SOCAR $ 330 million.

In addition, the headquarters of the SOCAR Trading Companyis located in Zurich.

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