Over 93% of electricity in Azerbaijan is generated by burning natural gas

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In January-July 2021, electricity production in Azerbaijan amounted to 15.845 billion kWh, by 3.2% higher than the same period last year, the Ministry of Energy said.

According to the ministry’s operational data, during the reporting period, TPPs in Azerbaijan produced 14 billion 754.8 million kWh (an increase of 2.8%), at hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) – 877.4 million kWh (an increase of 13.3%). %).

During the reporting period, 93.12% of electricity was generated by burning natural gas, 5.54% fell to hydropower, and another 1.34% came from alternative sources.

Electricity production from alternative sources amounted to 212.8 million kWh (decrease by 0.1%). In particular, wind power plants generated 55.4 million kWh, solar stations – 32.2 million kWh, and a municipal solid waste incineration plant – 125.2 million kWh.

Of the total electricity production, Azerenerji OJSC accounted for 14,227.5 million kWh or 89.8% of the total electricity generation in Azerbaijan, the share of power facilities in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic – 263.9 million kWh, independent power plants – 1 billion 312.56 million kW / hour, the wind station of Azerishig OJSC – 41.04 million kW / hour.

In January-July 2021, electricity exports from Azerbaijan amounted to 822.4 million kWh (an increase of 12.9%). At the same time, electricity supplies to Iran amounted to 152.3 million kWh, Turkey – 109.1 million kWh, Russia – 56.1 million kWh, and Georgia – 504.9 million kWh. Imports of electricity to Azerbaijan in the reporting period amounted to 100.1 million kWh (an increase of 17.9%). In the structure of imports, Iran accounted for 19.6 million kWh, Russia – 55.8 million kWh, Georgia – 24.7 million kWh.

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