Natural gas – for farmers of Mary region

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In the Mary region of Turkmenistan, active work on the gasification of rural settlements is being carried out.  Since the beginning of 2021, a gas pipeline with a length of 4074 meters of high and medium pressure has been built by the gas workers of the construction and installation department for gasification of the population of the Mary region of the «Turkmengazupjunchilik» association

 In addition, work is underway to reconstruct and install existing gas pipelines.  In these works, polyethylene pipes are used, which are distinguished by high density and withstand high pressure.  These products of the open joint stock company «Turkmenturba» are steadily supplied to the management of «Marygazupjunchilik».

 To date, the work on the reconstruction of the medium-pressure gas pipeline in the Gyzylgum farmstead association of the Sakarchagy etrap has been completed in time.  In the village of Khasyl, the Yenish farmstead of the Turkmengala etrap, a major overhaul of the medium-pressure gas supply pipeline was carried out.

 At present, the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline on the territory of the Garashsyzlyk farmstead association of the Vekilbazar etrap is at the final stage.  The diameter of the pipes installed here is 315 mm, the length of the gas pipeline is 2000 meters.  At the construction site, modern construction equipment is involved, experienced builders and gas workers are involved in construction work, who perform the work efficiently and on time.



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