Gasoline Production Collapsed in Azerbaijan

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The total cost of the production of oil products in Azerbaijan in January-February of this year amounted to 504.6 million manats.

According to the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, this figure is 17.9% less than in January-February last year.

According to statistics, in January-February 2021, an increase was recorded in the production of straight-run gasoline (naphtha) by 73% – up to 76.3 thousand tons, petroleum coke – by 5.8% – up to 41.8 thousand tons.

During the reporting period, 148.9 thousand tons of motor gasoline (decline by 35.3%), diesel fuel – 356.3 thousand tons (decline by 4.2%), aviation kerosene – 65.3 thousand tons (decline by 34.8%), heating oil – 4.1 thousand tons (decline by 79.4%), lubricating oils – 5.2 thousand tons (decline by 1.9%) and petroleum bitumen – 23.3 thousand tons. tons (decrease by 22.8%).

As of March 1, 2021, in the form of stocks of finished products in the warehouses of the Baku Oil Refinery, there was 35.5 thousand tons of gasoline, 46.3 thousand tons of jet fuel, 139 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 11.1 thousand tons of heating oil, lubricants – 6.1 thousand tons, petroleum bitumen – 21 thousand tons and petroleum coke – 13.5 thousand tons.

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