OrionGroup is Looking for a Team Lead Cost

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  • Provide functional support to the contract for project implementation as required
  • Actively work with the Project Manager (PRP) to ensure that liabilities and expenses are managed and audited.
  • Provide a responsible estimate of the value of the contract and submit it to management for accurate calculation of the full project or individual elements of the project
  • Participate in project evaluation with contractor representatives and provide oversight of the project budget
  • Ensure that the status of expenditures in budgets is clearly visible in a single format and create and maintain an accurate report as soon as possible
  • Minimize CTR values, approved PO values, paid to date, specified costs and projected final costs in accordance with the nature of the contractual obligation or the requirements of the Company
  • Ensuring the management of key stakeholders in the implementation and timely delivery of contract terms
  • Identify changes in the project budget and in conjunction with the PRP and make appropriate adjustments
  • Regularly monitor man-hours on budget and physical development, ensure timely implementation of work identified by potential and contractor
  • Work with PRP, which is responsible for managing the development costs of the business and its proper recovery
  • Oversee project services and actively participate in meetings necessary for project budget planning
  • Review and approve CTR and its terms while protecting commercial interests
  • Review and approve the contractor’s procurement orders as well as the terms of the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract
  • Check and control the total cost of the project
  • Plan and monitor project activities
  • Develop and implement requirements for evaluation, accountability and analysis of standards,
  • Participate in the preparation of cost data for proposals and contract negotiations
  • To determine the scope and requirements of the project, to consult with the contract and procurement staff to obtain information on requests;
  • Preparation and implementation of requirements for price registration, reporting and analysis of standards and ensuring timely delivery;
  • Ensure data storage, analysis and development.
  • Develop or revise project control procedures, work instructions
  • Assess the possibility of common price differences and determine price proposals based on the analysis
  • Adjust the life of the evaluated project to established standards and procedures
  • Assist in the organization of training and development of employees in the field of evaluation
  • Record daily activities and report on results;
  • Monitor and ensure that monthly expenditures do not exceed the projected project budget.
  • Observance of norms and rules of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection,
  • Control the storage of existing documents on the server.

Contact emails: Zamina.Clemmey@orioneng.com



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