International Company is Looking for a Health Coordinator

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Job Title: Health Coordinator

Work Location: Base Office (30 km away from the city centre)

Position Schedule: 1 year (renewable)


  • Degree in Medicine / Telemedicine / Telepharmacy
  • ACLS / ATLS / BLS certificate


  • Minimum 5-10 years of experience as Field Doctor within oil and gas Offshore Engineering and Construction industry.
  • 10 years of international experience as Health Coordinator on medium-to large-scale and complex offshore projects.

Skills and Competences:

  • Capability to approach, manage and treat acute and life-threatening trauma and cardiac cases, according to simplified and world-wide standardized medical protocol;
  • Capability to plan, implement and evaluate different Health preventive activities as required by specific job role. Capability to execute a Health Prevention Plan (including for e.g. Health Promotion and Training Activities). Capability to design, implement and/or follow-up Health prevention programs, according to Corporate/company/project protocols;
  • Knowledge of diagnosis, treatment and referral of infectious diseases, chemoprophylaxis and immunization required world-wide (pandemics) and/or in different countries where Campany operates. Capability to perform counseling and to record / report the data;
  • Capability to handle medical emergencies also including industrial accidents at the resource area of competence. Knowledge of pre-defined MEDEVAC procedures and well-equipped standard health facilities;
  • Capability to ensure availability of standard health facility equipped with medicines, medical consumables, functional equipment and personnel, suitable for each project/site requirement. Capability to assure that health related documents and procedures are in place and updated;
  • Capability to recognize and manage occupational and work-related diseases caused by different health hazard present in the work process. Knowledge of occupational health in order to prevent or minimize possible work-related disease. Capability to report in timely manner to the company and/or to appropriate local health authorities;
  • Capability to draw up health statistics based on results, collected information or reports received. Capability to create periodical health reports presenting current health statistics, trends, analysis and, comparing it with similar sources, draw up solutions to problems encountered during the process proposing improvement actions;
  • Knowledge of tropical and travel medicines. Capability to provide pre-travel counseling and education in terms of cultural, climatic, epidemiological, pathological and hygienic, etc. Capability to provide vaccinations and chemoprophylaxis, as well as diagnosis, treatment and/or referral for different conditions, depending on specific country health risks;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills.

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • Implement and improve health management system at Azerbaijan branch level in line with  Company corporate standards, always following and respecting relevant local  legislation;
  • Create and update health procedures;
  • Implementation and conducting of the company health promotion programs;
  • Guiding Company health prophylactic-preventive activities;
  • Assuring company medical-organizational activities;
  • Creation and update of Azerbaijan Branch health related documents;
  • Conduct health audits in company format and knowledge;
  • Maintaining good relations with local medical authorities;
  • Assure medical coverage for employees under his/her responsibility, including an effectively functioning chain of medical emergency management;
  • Ensure optimum Health management by continuously assessing, monitoring and safeguarding the health of the employees the resource oversees;
  • Assure a direct communication with and reporting to functional and hierarchical superiors in dealing with Health;
  • Equip Medical Structures with equipment, consumables and medicines as stipulated in Health Plan;
  • Carry out health preventive activities constantly evaluating existing health risks within the unit concerned, performing specific information campaign, specific immunization programs, applying the prevention and management of alcohol and drugs control program;
  • Perform a continuous monitoring of the state of health of the employees and temporarily exclude from the working activities those who are not fit to perform their duties;
  • Extend the Health Management System to sub-Contractors employees;
  • Ensure enough quantities of medicines and regular renewal of the stock using the support of Medicines Management software;
  • Ensure that Health Curative Activities are available 24/7/365 at operating site through both in-house assistance and agreements with third parties;
  • Ensure that Health Administrative Activities are carried out on daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis;
  • Build proper health records keeping system. Maintain contacts with hierarchical superiors and managers;
  • Create a First Aid Team for emergency situation, develop the site/project specific MEDEVAC plan and asses its functionality through regular drills;
  • Organize distribution of first aid equipment in different strategic site location to guarantee rapid and effective medical assistance during emergency;
  • Ensure proper management of medical waste according to standards and local laws and regulations;
  • Maintain an Inter-departmental relationship and cooperation with Project QHSE personnel on issues pertaining to Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.

Applications to be submitted to azerbaijan.recruitment@yahoo.com indicating position title in the subject line.


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