In Iran, More Than 87% of Electricity Produced at Thermal Power Plants

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In the first nine months of last year (March 20 – December 20, 2020), Iran produced more than 270 billion kWh of electricity. This was stated by Ali Asker Abduli, deputy director of the Iranian Heat and Power Production Company

According to him, thermal power plants account for 236 billion kWh of generated electricity.

Abduli also said that repairs have been carried out at more than 40 percent of the country’s thermal power plants since September. In general, over $ 952 million will be spent on repairs.

Abduli added that despite the envisaged 80 percent plan to ensure Iran’s electricity generation by thermal power plants, today the country’s thermal power plants provide electricity to 87% of the country.
Note that at present, the total production of power plants in Iran, including thermal, hydroelectric, alternative and small, nuclear power plants, is 83,685 MW.

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